Just Passing Through
Abington Sculpture Park, Jenkintown, PA

Gallery Images: Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

Empty – destroyed by insects, fire, disease, weather, I selected these discarded and decaying tree trunks, whose appearance has already changed from its original state, and I gave them a second chance. For me, they have become metaphors into my own morality. This wood suggests the ephemeral, which then becomes the symbolic exploration of the passage of time and our relationship to the larger universe. There is an awakening, understanding and integrating that all living things transform.  The transformation happens internally and externally. The most important qualities in the material that I select are tactile.  What is real is what one can touch because the tactile quality is a connection with the natural world, a connection that feels broken by industrialism and technology. These sculptures can be viewed at the Abington Sculpture Park in Jenkintown, PA.

Abington Sculpture Park, PAJust Passing ThroughJust Passing ThroughJust Passing Through