My work is a response to, and experimentation with, materials. It is all about process and intuition. This series began with a need to use my honeybees’ wax. These are small sculptures – only 5” squares and 2.5” wide. By creating new relationships with color, playing with balance and surfaces, and by using processes such as burning, impressing, sawing, piercing, hacking or wrapping the material becomes something new. Then there are the additive layers, such as wrapping yarn, pouring on layers of paint, and stapling copper, which create a visceral connection to the materials and mark time. My ideas and feelings are evoked through these additive and reductive processes to create a corporal surface. I hope for a balance between the original material and my own vision, chaos and order, veiling and unveiling, the familiar and the new.

Contingent, 2009Burnished, 2009Constraint, 2009Perforation, 2009Twisted, 2009Wound, 2009Confinement, 2009